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History Deland Florida

The city of Deland is a town with a rich history and close community, bound together by its unique heritage. Henry A, DeLand founded DeLand in 1876, with the purchase of a $1000.00 plot of land. He decided to move to the area after visiting his brother in law, O.P. Terry, who was living in an area called Persimmon Hollow. Mr. DeLand was a prosperous businessman in New York, but chose to move to Persimmon Hollow.

Mr. DeLand's plan was to convince settlers to come to DeLand Buy land from him. If they didn't like the area, In two years they could sell it back to Mr. DeLand within the first 2 years of settlement.

The city of DeLand as we know it today is a small family community. It has a few parks that are well kept by the city and that the kids enjoy with their parents, friends and extended families. They also have Family owned restaurants as well as fine dining like the Grant Blithe House, and Gene's steakhouse.

We at 5 Star Limousine Service have been in service for 19 years. In those 19 years we have prided ourselves in keeping up with the new hotels coming in and open and closing of restaurants. We do our best to stay up on all the local entertainment. 5 Star Limousine Service would like to make you night out, birthday, wedding day, or any special day that you have coming go off with out a hitch. 5 Star Limousine offers the red carpet and just married banner for the back of the limo on your wedding day. Please call us at 407-322-7005 so that one of our phone specialists can assist you with your special night or day.  

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