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History Ormond Beach Florida

Ormond Beach was once within the domain of the Timucuan Indians. Their local fortified village was called Nocoroco, believed to have been located at the site of Tomoka State Park. But war and disease would decimate the tribe. The city is named after James Ormond I. an Anglo-Irish-Scotch sea captain commissioned by King Ferdinand VII of Spain to bring Franciscan settlers to this part of Florida. Ormond Beach was established in 1821 but was not incorporated until 1880,

Ormond Beach has many places to see for history and art in the community their are parks and gardens, and the Casements (formerly the Rockefeller Mansion) and the first hotel in Ormond Beach. Don't forget the Golf and Country Clubs.

Ormond Beach also has a good choice of restaurants for example: Le Crepes En Haut, Julian's, Stone Woods Grill and Tavern. In Ormond Beach you can find a restaurant for any taste that you have.

We at 5 Star Limousine Service have been in service for 19 years. In those 19 years we have prided ourselves in keeping up with the new hotels coming in and open and closing of restaurants. We do our best to stay up on all the local entertainment. 5 Star Limousine Service would like to make your night out, birthday, wedding day, or any special day that you have coming, go off without a hitch. Please call us at 407-322-7005 so that one of our phone specialists can assist you with your special night or day  

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