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History Windermere Florida

Windermere is surrounded by sand bottom lakes. Lake Butler (the largest) is on the west, Lake Down on the east, and Lake Bessie on the southeast. By means of a system of canals, Butler, Down and six other lakes are connected to form what is known as the Butler Chain. Windermere was established in 1889 and chartered in 1925 and currently has a population of almost 3000 residence.

In current news, the Windermere Historical Board has been awarded a small matching grant from the Florida Department of State via the Bureau of Historic Preservation for the relocation and restoration of the Windermere 1890 schoolhouse! The schoolhouse is currently located on 7th Avenue and will be relocated to Town Square behind Town Hall between the library and the Community Room, and will be restored as an authentic representation of a one room schoolhouse in the late 1800s. As part of the grant, there has been a team of archaeologists working around the schoolhouse's current location and where it will be moved, so if you see folks with shovels, levels and sorting screens don't panic and don't hesitate to ask them questions about the schoolhouse and the fascinating field of Archaeology. Stay tuned to the Town website and newsletter for updates on this very important project and upcoming fundraisers by the Historical Board.

Windermere is a standalone community. Close by the community are several wonderful restaurants; Emirl's, Seasons 52, Palms, and Christini's Restaurants for the local and visitor enjoyment. We at 5 Star Limousine Service have been in service for 19 years. In those 20 years we have prided ourselves in keeping up with the new hotels coming in and open and closing of restaurants. We do our best to stay up on all the local entertainment. 5 Star Limousine Service would like to make you night out, birthday, wedding day, or any special day that you have coming go off with out a hitch. 5 Star Limousine offers the red carpet and just married banner for the back of the limo on your wedding day. Please call us at 407-322-7005 so that one of our phone specialists can assist you with your special night or day.
Allen's Creamery & Coffee House
523 Main St.
Winderemere, FL

Chef Steff - Stefano's Itanian Grille
13424 Sumerport

Dixie Cream Cafe
434 Main Street
Windermere, FL

Stromboli's New York Pizzeria
13518 Summerport
Village Parkway

yellow dog eats
1236 Hempel Ave
(407) 296-0609


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